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Step by Step Instructions

1. Call the Library that issued your card and have them set you up a pin number, A good idea is to use the last 6 digits of your library card number. You can also do this yourself by going to your library home page and following these steps:

a. Click online catalog 

b. My Library upper left corner of screen
c. My account (under my library tab)

d. Last Name

e. Library card number

f. Pin of your choice
g. Submit

It will ask you to re-enter the pin. It may also tell you it needs to be numbers and alphabet, in this case you can use the last six of  your card number with your initials after that.

2. After you get the pin number set, go to WV reads link attached.

3.  It will ask your library card number, your pin and your library name. You need to choose GREENBRIER COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY, as we are under a consortium with them.

4. You should be able to browse books and audiobooks and check them out. These checkouts will go through your Amazon account, but you will not be charged. 

5. Please watch the video for any questions and the step by step process. Still have questions? Contact us and we will help.

6.  The Libby app is great for phones and tablets, just click the link to install Libby and all of your books will go there for you to read. (This is also discussed in the video).

Thank you-Enjoy reading!!!!

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